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  • An ecological city tour

    An ecological city tour

    Wednesday was a great day to remember because we learnt about the ecological footprint. In the morning Neele and I went to school at around 7 and half past 7. We attended her French class and it was really great although her teacher spoke French throughout and told Neele to be translating, what she was […]

  • Tuesday – trip to Berlin

    We went into Leipzig city with Justus where we get n the bus going to the train station. We met our friends at the main station and our teachers both from Johanns Kepler Hi xull and Beautiful Gate Academy teachers. After treating each other we started our journey to Berlin the Capital of German. I […]

  • at kepler high school

    at kepler high school

    When we first reached the school i was very nervous. Many students were looking at me, I was very scared, you know everyone looking at you in a weird manner oviously I would be scared. From there we went into Tanja´s class in grade 11. There i met Pauline the cool girl, she was very […]

  • What we did on sunday

    What we did on sunday

    On sunday, we went to the park called Clara-Zetkin-Park but our group lost the way as well as Porcia and Neele but finally we reached the park. There was different activities that we had, such as a game called “Man do not annoy you” in English and in germany language its called “Mensch ärger dich […]

  • Experiencing the city of Leipzig

    Experiencing the city of Leipzig

    Firstly, we visited the old town hall, it is said that the cornerstone was laid in the year 1556. It is still there until today and it is also a museum of the city history. The city hall was rebuilt after it was destroyed and now there has been built another one whereby there are […]

  • Arrival in Leipzig

    Arrival in Leipzig

    Our partners from Malawi arrived at the Leipzig central station after one and a half days of traveling. Tired but happy the got welcomed by their hosts. A great meal and a ready made bed now awaits them at their hosts home.