Lake Malawi

Like every morning, the day started with breakfast. But further it went today times not by car, but a bicycle cab. This sounds more spectacular than it is, because it is only a bicycle with a mostly padded luggage rack, such stand there everywhere at the roadside. So we went to the Beautiful Gate Academy.

There a large school bus was waiting for us, together with many Malawian students we then made our way to Lake Malawi. Just the ride there was an experience in itself. We listened to loud music and made many contacts.

Once we arrived at the lake, the German equipment was unpacked. Divided into two groups we started our trip and tested the water quality. Overall, the lake did well. Swimming was the next item on our list, at least by some of us. Exhausted from the sun and activities, we sat down in a restaurant, had lunch together and played Uno.

On the way back we passed souvenir stores. There we bought souvenirs for family and friends. The process of buying was much more dynamic than it is here. The sellers come up to you and want to sell you all kinds of things, while they give you utopian prices to get you into a hot negotiation. Back at the lodge, we had dinner and gathered our strength again for an evening walk.