A different kind of church service

Today we went to the Beautiful Gate Academy where a Christian service was held. This service was quite the opposite of what we are used to in Germany. It was a joyful event accompanied by music. There was singing, dancing and a lot of laughter. Everyone had the opportunity to go forward and perform something, no matter what it was. There were also Bible stories, but they were not recited freely as we do, and they were embellished with improvisations. The atmosphere was just very nice and you felt welcome.

Afterwards we went to the same campus from yesterday where the trees were planted. But today we heard a lecture about Eco-Bricks, which will replace the classic red fired bricks. These are made from cement, sand and water. You mix the mass and then feel it into a vessel where you press it into the desired shape. We were given the opportunity to make such a brick. Some of us took advantage of it.

Later we went to a football game. This took place on an unusual field for us. It was just the normal ground, dry but firm, no side or penalty lines and the goals without nets. The spectators formed the off. The game was much harder than ours and the fans of all ages were enthusiastic and emotional, many wearing jerseys of the top European teams.

Exhausted from the eventful day, we drove back to the lodge and enjoyed a delicious dinner. We ended the day with a few community games.