A very heartwarming day

Today we went to the MASO station again, but this time there was a lot more action. When we arrived, the classrooms were full of kindergarten children, all enthusiastically singing songs and dancing.
After so much exertion, a break was allowed, so around noon everyone got a portion of Sima and then they went to the playground.

MASO is not only active in the center, but also actively goes to the people to help them. For example, there are the programs: “Homebase Care” and “Children’s Corner” and we were allowed to be part of them.
First we went to four different women who are all in the “Homebase Care” program. We were allowed to see how they were treated medically and we were also allowed to visit the house of one woman.

We then went on to “Children’s Corner” rather quickly. This is a program where children are actively worked with and where there is age-appropriate education on the subject of HIV.
When we arrived, it started straight away with lots of games and songs. After that, each child was able to present something and the topic of HIV was brought closer through a living story. At the end of the day, the village where “Children’s Corner” took place also volunteered to test for HIV.

After this incredible day with countless impressions we went back to the hotel and after a few rounds of UNO we went to bed.