All good things come to an end!

Today is the day of goodbyes and an unforgettable journey comes to an end. In the afternoon we were welcomed by the MASO team and there we met our exchange students.

At the beginning we greeted everyone and were allowed to watch how Sima is traditionally prepared.

After half an hour of nice conversations, we planted trees on the site. Everyone received a tree and one after the other lemon, banana and avocado trees were planted in the ground.

In the meantime it was already dark and we went into the main building to enjoy the freshly prepared food. There were also speeches of thanks and a prayer for the time being.

The food was unbelievably delicious and we ate it with our hands in a very traditional way.

After dinner we gave the exchange students a gift and we received a cake with a picture printed on it. The view of the sky was clear, giving us the opportunity to lose ourselves in the shallows of the Milky Way.

Due to power outages and darkness, we quickly went back to the lodge and we started packing our bags so that we could head to the airport in the morning.