An ecological city tour

Wednesday was a great day to remember because we learnt about the ecological footprint.

It’s raining, so we wait under this tent

In the morning Neele and I went to school at around 7 and half past 7. We attended her French class and it was really great although her teacher spoke French throughout and told Neele to be translating, what she was saying. It ́s not that she doesn’t understand English but she wanted to see if Neele was able to translate French into English.

Secondly, we met with the other people and took part in the ecological footprint organisation. So we learnt that sustainability is important because once one cuts down trees he or she needs to replace them by planting another tree. That future generation should be able to use it for future use. We also
learnt about chocolate and how the toxins that are used in phones should be handled.

Then, I learnt that globalisation is the ability to and communicate easily with others all over the world. Although it is our way of communicating with people, the electrical gadgets have toxic substances that can kill u and one should not test a battery to check weather it works or not. It is toxic and can kill u.

My favourite part was visiting the library in Leipzig. It’s so big and has a lot of different sections where books are placed. It has the children section, elderly people section and many more. After the visit at the library, we ate curry sausage. Mmmm it was so delicious with the chips, curry sauce and drink, called cola. I really enjoyed this on Wednesday because I ate curry sausage and it was my first time.