at kepler high school

When we first reached the school i was very nervous. Many students were looking at me, I was very scared, you know everyone looking at you in a weird manner oviously I would be scared. From there we went into Tanja´s class in grade 11. There i met Pauline the cool girl, she was very frindly and lovely too. Then the teacher came in everyone was quiet and it was time for German lesson for 90 minutes one period. When the teacher was teaching i couldn´t understand a word because it was in their language and after some time the class was over and we went in another class which was grade 7. It was realy fun, everyone has to show the class what he or she knows to the class. But before visiting grade 7 the headteacher welcomed us in a very kind manner. She was lovely too. After that the principal showed us around and the building school is 100 years old and the new one was built two years ago. In the campus is a basketball coat which is so cool. Then we went down to the cafeteria to eat lunch the food was realy tasty, I realy loved the food.

In the afternoon we went to a farm were Justus’ father lives ,the farm belongs to Justus’ dad. There was a museum of how the house style used to be in Germany long ago and it was very interesting to be on the farm and they also had pets on the farm like dogs and cats, they also have chickens and goats so after taking a look around we sat down to have some pizza, the pizza was prepared by Justus and his step mom The pizza was realy great I almost ate my fingers because the pizza was very tasty i ate and ate until it felt like my stomach was about to explode. After eating we packed everything and we went back to the station getting ready to go back to our houses.