Experiencing the city of Leipzig

Firstly, we visited the old town hall, it is said that the cornerstone was laid in the year 1556. It is still there until today and it is also a museum of the city history. The city hall was rebuilt after it was destroyed and now there has been built another one whereby there are two of them, but the old one still remains history till toady.

Secondly, we discovered about the Thomas church. This was interesting because there is a statue of a man carrying something in his hands and his pocket is out meaning that he was poor and he did not have any money. His name is Johann Sebastian Bach, he was involved in a choir called “Thomanerchor” which is still famous and the Thomas church is there till toady.

The “Mende” fountain is named after a girl named Pauline Mende which is so interesting because it is beautiful and modern. The fun part of it is that it has different kind of flowers around it and its also part of history.

The best part was visiting the city tower because we were on top of it. You are able to see and view other buildings. It is the tallest building in Leipzig, it is 142 meters and it is shaped like an open book and we used the elevator when going to the top which was fun.

Lastly, we visited the Saint Nikola church and after that we went to the park and played football, ate food and played different types of games e.g. a game called “UNO” etc.

It is a day to remember!