The monument trip

We are back at kepler high school in Germany of course. So the first thing we did was attending an english lesson in grade 11, there the students asked some questions like what are your hobbies, how old are you and do you prefer Germany or Malawi. From there we went to the other class and we learnt physics. The fun parts were the experiments, then the class was over and we went in another grade which was grade 7c. There also was an english lesson but this one was realy fun and super cool. We were also being asked questions like in the other class. I found out that they have a class president and his vice which is super cool. I had alot of fun and it was great experience.

After school we went to the monumet of the battle of nations, it was a nice place I really liked it very much. But the thing I did not like is the steps. There were so many steps to the top about 500 steps so I had to rest for abit and continue walking again to reach the top and also did the same when coming down the stairs. But it was realy fun. I like it very much in Germany.