What we did on sunday

On sunday, we went to the park called Clara-Zetkin-Park but our group lost the way as well as Porcia and Neele but finally we reached the park. There was different activities that we had, such as a game called “Man do not annoy you” in English and in germany language its called “Mensch ärger dich nicht”. We played volleyball too and we had alot of beautiful and delicious food for instance, apples, two different kinds of cakes, carote and the likes. We had also drinks.

Our picknick at the park

After eating, we went to an ecological faire nearby at the park. There were a lot of companies and institutions, showing how to be sustainable. Later everyone went home after Mrs. Wacker’s speech. In the evening we watched a movie at Justuses place. Thats all about sunday.

Visiting the ecological faire