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  • All good things come to an end!

    All good things come to an end!

    Today is the day of goodbyes and an unforgettable journey comes to an end. In the afternoon we were welcomed by the MASO team and there we met our exchange students. At the beginning we greeted everyone and were allowed to watch how Sima is traditionally prepared. After half an hour of nice conversations, we […]

  • Help for the Malawians

    Help for the Malawians

    Thursday began with an excursion to an organisation that is also involved in AIDS education. As soon as we arrived there by bus, we were warmly welcomed with a welcome song. You could see how much fun the Malawians had and how much they enjoyed doing this for us. Next, the organization members were introduced […]

  • Like every morning, the day started with breakfast. But further it went today times not by car, but a bicycle cab. This sounds more spectacular than it is, because it is only a bicycle with a mostly padded luggage rack, such stand there everywhere at the roadside. So we went to the Beautiful Gate Academy. […]

  • A very heartwarming day

    A very heartwarming day

    Today we went to the MASO station again, but this time there was a lot more action. When we arrived, the classrooms were full of kindergarten children, all enthusiastically singing songs and dancing.After so much exertion, a break was allowed, so around noon everyone got a portion of Sima and then they went to the […]

  • A different kind of church service

    A different kind of church service

    Today we went to the Beautiful Gate Academy where a Christian service was held. This service was quite the opposite of what we are used to in Germany. It was a joyful event accompanied by music. There was singing, dancing and a lot of laughter. Everyone had the opportunity to go forward and perform something, […]

  • The first day: We are rooting in Malawi

    The first day: We are rooting in Malawi

    After the first night in our lodge, we were all very refreshed and looking forward to breakfast, which tasted very good. We had toast, with chips, salad and banana, especially the salad was very tasty. Afterwards, we were picked up by our Malawians and drove together to the location of MASO (Malawi Aids Support Organization). […]